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Senior Web Developer (PHP)

Kraków, 100% Remote

15d ago

Undisclosed salary


  • Regular

  • Junior

Minimum experience in IT: 4

Job description

Deveit — is an IT service provider of IT outsourcing, software development and DevOps services.

Currently we are looking for php web developer who will help us to deal with different tasks for our clients from e-commerce industry.


Projects for our client in USA. Various sites for implementation, redesign, improvements and support.


* Design and implement web sites and e-commerce applications based on various CMS

* Test, debug and maintain existing solutions.

* Develop enhancements and improvements to current services.

* Work with customers and other staff to help determine project specifications.

* Mentor team members

* Perform code review


* Backend experience with PHP/SQL;

* frameworks Wordpress, Shopify, magento (optional)

* html, css, js, templates engines

* knowledge of hosting platforms — wpengine, pantheon, bluehost, etc


* Good communication skills

* Proactive personality

  • Required languages

    english B2


  • Job Specification

    • Remote job

    Senior Web Developer (PHP)

    Undisclosed salary

    Regular / Senior

    Kraków, 100% Remote

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