Front-end Developer

Wrocław, 100% Remote

13 days remain until recruitment is completed

8000 - 15000 PLN brutto
10000 - 20000 PLN netto + vat


  • Regular

  • Junior

Minimum experience in IT: 2

Job description

Oakfusion is an agile software house specialised in creating web and mobile products. We are a team of highly trained, solution oriented engineers who believe in an agile way of working and try to incorporate it in daily routine. We do Continuous Integration, Inspection and Delivery to provide top quality solutions for our clients. Visit our website ( and check our culture, values and feel the spirit :)

We are looking for Frontend developers, willing to improve their skills and discover new areas in React or Angular world. Various projects to choose depends on developer seniority and his favourite frameworks. Minimum 2 years of experience required.

You will:

spend 70% of your time on new features
spend 10% of your time on meetings and 10% supporting the client
fixing bugs, which will take 10% of your working time.

We offer:

Start-up atmosphere and real influence on company growing,
Non-hierarchical, agile team of Java and sports geeks,
Fresh fruits, free coffee, juices and sweets, Xbox, table tennis and...own gym at the office :)
Integration events, knowledge sharing meetings and others interesting activities,
Flexible working hours as well as contract type

  • Required languages

    english B2

  • Job Specification

    • Remote job

    • Flexible working hours

    • The office is open


    Work methodology

    • versioning control system

    • code review

    • automatic application build

    • correct errors prior to new code

    • pair programming

    • agile

    • coding conventions

    • knowledge base

    Working tools

    • mobile computer

    • Linux

    • Windows

    • additional monitor

    • flexibility in selecting tools


    • remote work

    • chillout room

    • fruit/snacks

    • lunch

    • tution

    • certificates

    • beverages

    • integration events

    • gaming room

    • restaurant

    • car park

    • bike park

    Front-end Developer

    8000 - 15000 PLN brutto
    10000 - 20000 PLN netto + vat

    Wrocław, 100% Remote

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