Select IT specialists faster

* multi-channel access to Candidates
* always tailored offers without spam
* matchmaking between the Candidate and the Company - quick, precise matching

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  • + 18,000 IT specialists mainly from Poland and Ukraine

  • We are growing dynamically - every day 15-30 new Candidates are added

  • We manage groups of over 100,000 IT specialists in Social Media

  • 70% of invited people respond to the invitation within 48 hours.

By recruiting on the platform you get

Access to the largest database of candidates

Quick and direct contact with candidates from the dynamically growing IT-Leaders database.

Publications of the external offer (job board)

We publish each offer on our external job board, thanks to which we present it to thousands of new people every day.

Promotion among IT-Leaders users

We promote your offers on each profile of a registered user - we present them among the largest community of IT specialists in Poland.

Promotion in Social Media

We actively promote offers on social media groups managed by us (including Facebook, LinkedIn), gathering over 110,000 IT specialists.

Specialists on the platform

21 467

IT-Leaders brings together specialists from various IT areas. The platform allows them to define their technological skills and expectations when changing jobs, thanks to which you can quickly identify the candidates you are interested in and do not waste time talking with mismatched people.

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Areas of specialization

  • Embedded
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • DevOps
  • ERP
  • IT Security
  • Technical Support / Helpdesk
  • SAP
  • Technical Manager / PM / PO / SM
  • Design
  • VR / AR
  • Data Analysis
  • Mobile solutions
  • Programming / Developing


Contact with candidates on the platform

The IT-Leaders platform reverses the traditional roles of Candidate - Recruiter: Candidates create a technical profile, set their financial expectations and work preferences, and companies apply to them by submitting tailored offers.

Selection of a candidate is quick - financial expectations are known in advance, so you do not waste time talking with mismatched people.

  • Publication of job offers

    Just like classic job boards, we promote every offer. Both registered and unregistered users can apply for it.

  • Promotion of the offer among the IT-Leaders community

    Promotion on each Specialist profile registered in the platform - we present your offer to the largest community of IT specialists.

  • Promotion in Social Media

    Promotion on groups managed by us on Social Media, incl. on Facebook and LinkedIn, bringing together over 80,000 IT specialists.

How it's working?

  • 1. Registration

    You register a company and create its profile & business card on IT-Leaders.

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  • 2. You activate the package

    After analysis and consultation with your Guardian, you choose a tailored recruitment package.

  • 3. You analyze
    the candidates

    You search the database of IT specialists adequate to the offer of candidates and invite them with one click.

  • 4. You choose the employee

    You go to recruitment interviews with candidates who have responded positively to the invitation. You hire the best.


Comprehensive recruitment system

IT-Leaders enables companies to precisely identify Candidates thanks to the Search Engine. Finding an interesting profile, the employer sends an invitation to participate in recruitment with one click.

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  • Save time and resources

    70% of people respond to the invitation within 48 hours. Easy and quick access to the largest database of IT specialists in Poland.

  • Matching

    Thanks to the advanced matching filters, the system presents only those specialists who meet your criteria. There is no room for a recruiter's selection mistake.

  • You are only browsing technical profiles

    You can compare candidates according to the same criteria (including technological status and financial expectations).

  • Employer branding

    Free promotion of the company among the dynamically growing IT-Leaders community.


Comprehensive recruitment system was created especially for those specialists who value details and privacy already at the stage of inviting to recruitment.

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